Dear MOAA California Central Coast Chapter Members,


As indicated in the December 2019 edition of The Coastal Clarion, our first meeting of 2020 is being held with the Vandenberg Chapter of MOWW on January 28th, at the San Luis Obispo Country Club, starting at 1130. This meeting, "The Final Call", is the final luncheon in the Tribute Series of luncheons held over the past four years, which have honored Veterans from World War II thru the Vietnam conflict.


If you have not already confirmed your attendance at the luncheon (including guests), please contact LTJG Joseph Brocato, USN at: 

(805) 543-6244.


I look forward to seeing you there


Capt. Dave




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Physical Therapy


Seeing a Physical Therapist (PT) First for Low Back Pain (LBP) Lowers Odds of Early and Long-Term Opioid Use.

In an American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)-co-sponsored study, analysis of more than 200,000 commercial and Medicare Advantage insurance beneficiaries revealed what researchers describe as a “significant” pattern: Among patients seeking treatment for low back pain (LBP), those whose initial visit was with a PT, chiropractor, or acupuncturist decreased their odds of early opioid use by between 85% and 91%, and lowered their odds of long-term opioid use by 73% to 78% compared with those whose index visit was with a primary care physician. /09/25/OptumStudyLBPOpioids/

Bob (PTA) & Margy (PT) Moynihan



By Maj Jim Murphy, USMC (ret)

Some time ago I came across these words, and they have given me direction through much of my adult life: “Be thankful for the challenges you face in your everyday life and experiences. If it were not for these challenges, the hard decisions, the complicated and difficult people you encounter, then others can and will come forward to accept that which you either cannot or will not accept.” So consider these kind words: (From Seeds of Gold, Brother Timothy James Larson, with some minor editing!)

Loving God, You have brought reconciliation and peace to my inner self. It is time to breathe a sigh of relief, enjoy the solitude of silence, and witness the healing of body, mind, soul, and spirit. The inner conflicts within me are now a distant memory. I accept and embrace who I am, with joy and reverence; I welcome myself “home”—to a place where I can explore my essence and the wonders of God. With your transforming love, I am who I am; I will be whole; I ask that my many scars become beauty marks—unique sutures that tell my real story of my hurts and experiences  and healings, and bear witness of my journey to a newer life. The battle is over; the time of strife is done. We have won, we have conquered! The time of peace has come. Healing, uniting, and reconciling all that is a part of me: Rejoicing, releasing, dancing in the dawn of a new day!