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With the “Memorial Day” weekend services, and most of the Spring High School, College and University graduation ceremonies now behind us, summer is now upon us. For some it means travel, for others more time with our families, or for some it means visitors coming to share our wonderful climate on California’s Central Coast. However, for all of us, one thing is for sure, it means that it’s time for the annual MOAA - Atascadero Lake picnic.

That’s right, this year’s picnic is already upon us! This is our most inclusive event each year, as we encourage every Member and prospective Member to bring as many family members, friends and neighbors as possible. As we have over the last two years, we have also invited all the Members of the Vandenberg Chapter of the Military Order of World Wars, and the Marine Corps League’s Central Coast Detachment 680. We will be having our traditional Tri-Tip barbeque, salad, and desert, as well as beer and wine, all for just $20/person. The weather is forecast to be just about perfect, and the agenda includes only fun, as our next business meeting is scheduled for September 14th.

Please ASAP be sure to contact: LtCol Ken Chapman (805) 489-8214 - , or Maj. Jim Hawkins (805) 226 8503 - , to confirm your attendance, and the number of guests you will be bringing.

Sincerely, Capt. Dave




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By: Bob & Margie Moynihan

If you have been following these articles you are well aware of our bias-EXERCISE. Yes, the E-word. There are very few conditions that don’t respond well to exercise. If you were to thread a needle through all illnesses, pathologies, etc there would be very few that exercise is contra-indicated. For those who don’t like the word exercise you could substitute staying active, movement. In the May 17, 2018 issue of The Tribune, the Ask the Doctor headline was “Exercise aids well-being”. The question was how effective is exercise against depression? The take away message is to do something and to do it regularly.

You can find studies that support or refute all types of exercise from high intensity, aerobic, strength, new names for different activities but for our population a recent article in the PT in Motion, March 2018 issue says it very well-- Just Taking a Walk Can Extend Your Life, Say Researchers.

In older adults, walking below minimum recommended levels is associated with lower all-cause mortality compared with inactivity. Walking at or above physical activity recommendations is associated with even greater decreased risk. Walking is simple, free, and does not require any training, and thus is an ideal activity for most Americans, especially as they age.

Walking as the only form of physical activity, even at fewer than 2 hours per week, also was significantly associated with lower rates of death from respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, or cancer compared with inactivity.



By Maj Jim Murphy, USMC (ret)


From the Greek and Latin, AD 1611, AD 1894 and revised: AD 1957:

The Apocrypha of the Old Testament:

When King James set forth to bring together the many different components of what had been, at that time a mélange of oral and scribbled reflections, he appointed a number of Bishops to evaluate and to determine what should be included in this single book (Bible.) What is now identified as the Apocrypha contains a great deal of what was left out of the final edition. I have found it to be an easy read; actually in some respects easier than our standard Bible! I will not dwell at this time on other books of the Apocrypha, but want to share some words from Sirach:

“Forsake not an old friend, for a new one does not compare with him.  A new friend is like a new wine; when it has aged you will drink it with pleasure. Also:

“As much as you can, aim to know your neighbors, and consult with the wise. Let your conversation be with men of understanding and let all your discussion be about the law of the Most High. Let righteous men be your dinner companions, and let your glorying be in the fear of the Lord, A work will be praised for the skill of the craftsmen, so a people’s leader is proved wise by his words. A babbler is feared in his city, and man who is reckless in speech will be hated.”

What can we deduce from these words of wisdom?

Who can we turn to in times of trial? I remarked recently that at my age I have but three things I can look to: My limited family, my close and dear friends, and my memories. There are elements of my blood that have, as they have grown and often moved away (as I have also done), slowly lost contact. But there are families who have never forsaken the real relationships we have established: We are truly one, and share regularly with one another, regardless of the miles between us. We reach out, by phone, or in time of real concern, by a plane flight, email, however. And in so doing maintain a bond that is as close as we read from the above words.

PS: My favorite poet, writer and author is Rudyard Kipling. If you ever have the opportunity to read my favorite poem, I think it will further strengthen these words: One Man in a Thousand.