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Next Meeting: TBD

All events and meetings since February, 2020 have been cancelled as a result of the CA State mandates relative to COVID-19.


As California finally begins to "open up" we may have some events coming stay tuned!



Highlights of some prior Meetings:

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 ....a long time ago!!

The “Final Call” Victory Tribute to our WWII veterans was held at the San Luis Obispo Country Club hosted by the MOWW. 


There were 22 WWII veterans in attendance and the event was covered by KSBY and The Tribune with supervisors Debbie Arnold, Lynn Compton, and John Peschong attending along with District Attorney Dan Dow.  The Veterans gathered outside on the patio for a group shot just before having a very good lunch.



After lunch, LTJG Joe Brocato had each veteran introduced and they were presented with a nice personalized souvenir, a Certificate of Recognition from the County Board of Supervisors (signed by each), and Certificate of Recognition from the California Legislature Assembly signed by Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham.


Joe Brocato and his team were very well organized, the meeting flowed well and it was a very significant tribute to our WWII heroes.



Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The December meeting was a joint affair with the MOWW held at the San Luis Obispo Country Club. The fine seasonal musical entertainment was presented by the Cuesta College Carolers.


The Group

The Carolers


Friday, November 8, 2019

Officers for 2020 were elected, see the Contacts Page. Most of the officers are continuing with Col John Mirolla, USA trading positions with Maj James Hawkins, USMC.


After discussion it was determined that in 2020 the monthly meetings will be replaced with 4 meetings per year at various dates, locations, and time of day at the discretion of the Excom. At least 1 meeting will be joint with the MOWW.



Kristen Trevino with the Madonna Banquet Management Team with some of the gentlemen in uniform


LtoR: John Mirolla, Ken Chapman, Jim Murphy, Kristen, Ronald Staib, Adrian Hurtado, and Keith Kuhlenschmidt





Friday, October 11, 2019

This was another joint gathering of MOAA and MOWW at the Madonna with a very special guest speaker: Lt Col Nelson (Ed) “Fast Eddie” Cobleigh, USAF (ret).  Ed shared with us some highlights of his remarkable career in the Air Force and beyond.


He flew jet fighter planes in Vietnam which included night bombings of the Ho Chi Minh trail, he was one of the early pilots employing laser guided smart bombs, and he pointed out the many lessons learned from Vietnam on how not to conduct a war! 


Ed was assigned to the US Navy to teach their pilots the use of laser guided smart bombs.  He was also assigned to teach pilots of the English Royal Air Force and the French Air Force on tactical combat techniques, as well as time spent teaching pilots at the USAF Fighter Weapons School and the USN’s Top Gun school.  (He mentioned that the Tom Cruise movie of Top Gun was very much the way it was.) 


He also was assigned to the Iranian Air Force under the Shaw of Iran to teach again fighter tactics.  One had to appreciate/understand the cultural difference with the Iranians to effectively teach them.

Subsequently as an Air Intelligence Officer, he worked with the CIA, FBI, and MI6 on a variety of covert intelligence projects. One of the projects was to circumvent the acquisition of spare parts for all of the US military hardware left in Iran after the fall of the Shaw.


Ed retired to Paso Robles and wanted to document his experiences.  In the process of doing that he discovered that he liked to write and ended up publishing 3 excellent books:

The Pilot: Fighter Planes and Paris
War for the Hell of It: A Fighter Pilot's View of Vietnam
The First Fighter Pilot - Roland Garros: The Life and Times of the Playboy Who Invented Air Combat

His parting call to all that have served was to write about your experiences to share with your family.


Capt Dave presenting a Certiciate of Appreciation to Ed for his fine presentation



Friday, September 13, 2019

This was a special joint meeting of MOAA and MOWW. President Capt Dave was tied up in a business meeting and was unable to attend.    

MOWW Companion Tim Haley, USMC (fmr) made a trip to Europe last summer and made a very interesting slide presentation of the historic sites he visited. These include Belleau Wood and Normandy in France. Included in the Normandy visit are La Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, Normandy National Cemetery, St Mere Eglise Church, and other sites.


Maj Jim Murphy with an introduction of Tim Haley
Tim making his fine presenttion


MOWW Commander Lou Stout presented a thank you certificate to Tim with Jim looking on


Wed May 15, 2019

This was a Joint Luncheon meeting at the Elk's Lodge (in San Luis Obispo) with MOWW to honor FBI Special Agent Marni Barton. See the MOWW site for a recap.


Friday, April 12, 2019

This was a combined meeting of the MOAA and MOWW (along with MCL680 & the American Legion) at the Madonna Inn to remember and celebrate the life of our friend CDR William Houston, USN (ret) …aka: Padre Bill. (A memorial celebration had previously been held at the Warbirds Museum in Paso Robles on April 6 arranged by Bill’s family.)

A very nice PowerPoint video presentation of Bill’s life was put together by Erick Wand with photos that were submitted by family and many friends.  Bill was a friend to everyone he met and will be greatly missed.  He was quite a guy!

Erick has posted the video as well as all of the photographs on line. For those of you that missed the meeting (and those of us that would like to see it again): click on: ignore the message to log in, it is not necessary. Click the arrow in the center of the MOAA/MOWW slide to see the video.

Dick Mellinger and Gil Igleheart, the co-founders of Pawsabilities for Veterans, were in attendance as that was one of Bill’s favorite groups to support.  In recognition of Bill: $200 was donated to them from the MOAA and $500 from the MOWW. (Individual contributions were collected after the program.)






Capt Dave with some opening remarks and
highlighting the donations to Pawsability
Our guest of honor:
Glennis Houston with her daughter Debbie



Chaplain Maj Jim Murphy with the invocation


Getting ready for lunch (before the Erick Presentation)


Friday, March 8, 2019


Dick Mellinger and Gil Igleheart, the co-founders of Pawsabilities for Veterans (previously Paws for a Cause), again brought us up to date on their program which is set up primarily as one of several fund-raising organizations for New Life K9’s, and they have been doing very well. They discussed the programs expansion into new prisons within California, along with their work with the Staff at Questa College in providing training for prisoners, for their eventual employment as “Service Dog” trainers following their release from prison.


CAPT. David Brooks (USN) spoke to everyone regarding participation in the Honor Flights program.



Gil Igleheart presenting.... And Dick Mellinger presenting.... Capt Dave presenting the Thank You Certificate to Gil & Dick



Member CAPT David Brooks highlighting the Honor Flights Program



Friday, February 8, 2019


An update presentation was again made by Maj. Jamie Warner, USMC (Fmr.) highlighting the current status of the Mighty Oaks Warrior Program. The interesting name for this country wide program, which is Faith Based, reflects the message of Isaiah 61: “To restore the brokenhearted through Christ, to build leaders of leaders to rise up from the ashes; they will be called Mighty Oaks of Righteousness.” Jamie is the West Coast Regional Facilitator and is based at an "Outpost" just out of San Miguel. 


  Jamie Presenting.....


He was joined by Robert Cale, a three tour "Combat Marine", who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and was recently appointed Aftercare Manager for the Mighty Oaks Warriors. Robert keeps in contact with individuals that have completed the program to support them in getting involved with family and with a local church community.


Robert was raised in foster care, joined the Marine Corps to have structure, and ended up divorced and released from the Corps due to alcoholism. He is now sober and helping others to find Christ as he completes Divinity School, on his mission to become a Pastor.


An intensive weekly meeting is guided by Outpost Leaders, who are program alumni. They each have experienced tragedy and hardships through their service to America. Having endured deployments, family separations, learning to handle the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) both in war and at home, the instructors are able to connect to the students on a peer level.

Attendees learn strategies and successes in combating the challenges of PTS, combat trauma and daily life utilizing the program curriculum and group interaction.

An excellent source for learning more about this program is through their website at


Some of the group watching Jamie Capt Dave presenting a Thank You Certificate to Jamie and Robert




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