The Military Officers Association of American Ladies (MOAAL) of the Central Coast membership is open to wives of officers of all branches of the military service providing that he is a member in good standing of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), Central Coast Chapter.  Membership is also open to female military officers who are MOAA members and widows of deceased former MOAA members. 


Chairwoman Phyllis Stout announced at the September 13, 2013 general membership luncheon that the Ladies MOAA group was taking a break. 


Phyllis will spotlight some items of interest to the ladies on this page as they come up.


The MOAAL Cuesta Scholarship for 2015 was awarded to Walter Joseph Lewis.  Walter served in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic during Desert Storm.  He is married and his wife's illness motivated him to enter nursing.  He has been taking classes at Cuesta for seven years, first getting his high school degree then completing his prerequisite classes at Cuesta, majoring in math and science, before being accepted into the highly competitive nursing program.  While studying for his nursing credential he also works for Dignity Health at Arroyo Grande Hospital.

The following is Walter's thank you to MOAAL:

"Thank you for this scholarship!  People like you make it possible for students like me to achieve our dreams and goals in life.  Due to the high cost of books, tuition, and materials associated with becoming a nurse today, it can be cost prohibitive.  This can be especially so for someone finding this calling so late in life!  Please rest assured that I will not waste the opportunity you have afforded me.  After nursing school, I plan to specialize in trauma medicine such as emergency room, ICU, etc.  Perhaps one day you might even be my patient!  In closing, thank you again for your generous donation to my future.  Sincerely, Walter Joseph Lewis"

Although MOAAL is inactive, our scholarship still lives and helps Cuesta students with military connections.