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PO Box 5002
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-5002


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The annual local chapter dues are $25 ($15 for surviving spouses) payable annually or with initial membership application.

Please mail your dues to the address above (or bring to the next meeting), with checks payable to:     CCCC MOAA        


Chapter vs. MOAA National and Life Members dues.

      Life Membership is for MOAA National. You pay the fee once and never have to pay yearly MOAA National dues again. Note: the MOAA Chapters, like ours have no provision for Life Membership.

      MOAA National bills annual dues to all non- Life Members (directly) and not through the Chapters, and, does not kickback any funds back to the Chapters.

      Our MOAA Chapter bills ALL current Chapter Members who pay $25.00 dues each year which is used to cover all operating expenses. Auxiliary Members dues are $15.00 annual.