You may send correspondence to:


Central California Coast Chapter MOAA,

P.O. Box 5002,

San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-5002.


Email Contact: President







(all 805 area code unless noted)





Capt David Brandmeyer, USMC (Ret) 





1st Vice President:

Col John Mirolla, USA (Ret)





2nd Vice President

Lt Col Keith Kuhlenschmidt, USAF (Ret)






Lt Col Richard Ennes, USAF (Ret) 









Past President

LTC Louis Stout, USA (Ret)







Maj James Hawkins, USMC (Ret)











Meeting Facilities/

Lt Col Ken Chapman, USAF (Ret)
Col John Mirolla, USA (Ret)






Chaplain/Personal Affairs

Maj James Murphy, USMC (Ret)





Medical Reps

CAPT Margaret Moynihan &

CDR Robert Moynihan






Lt Col Keith Kuhlenschmidt, USAF (Ret)










Annie Lawrence, Editor



MOAA Regional Dr.

Lt Col Michael Kwan, USAF










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serves as the chief executive officer and official representative of the council;

presides at all council and executive committee meetings;

appoints standing and special committees, subject to the approval of the council, as required in the bylaws or otherwise authorized by the council;

acts as an ex-officio member of all committees with voting rights on all except the nominating committee;

confers with the secretary regarding contents of notices of meetings, each meeting agenda, and mailing of the minutes;
confers with other officers and chairs regarding their scheduled duties and reports; and n coordinates passage of information or proposals with other council members that could increase the effectiveness of the council.


First Vice President

serves as parliamentarian;
performs the duties of the president in the event of temporary disability or absence of the president;
succeeds to the office of president in the event of a vacancy during a given term; and
assists the president when called upon.


Second Vice President

performs the duties of the first vice president in the event of the temporary disability of that office;
assists the president and first vice president as needed; and
chairs the chapter committee.



collects dues (or assessments)
maintains an accurate record of all sums the council received and expended;
deposits all sums received in a council-approved federally insured bank and arranges withdrawal of funds only upon the treasurer’s authorized signature or, in the event of the treasurer’s disability or absence, the signature of the president;
makes disbursements only as authorized by the council;
files copies of the itemized quarterly reports as well as copies of the required annual reports;
makes funds, books, and vouchers available at all times for inspection and verification by the council or finance committee; and
chairs the finance committee.




records the minutes of all council and executive committee meetings, including the names of those present, has the council minutes reproduced, and mails a copy to each council officer, director, immediate past president and each member chapter;
confers with the president in advance of each meeting regarding its agenda;

sends the agenda at least 30 days in advance of all council meetings to officers, chairs, the immediate past president, and all member chapters;
makes copies of the approved minutes of each meeting for at least the past year, a copy of the current bylaws and standing rules, and council rosters available at each meeting;

notifies the association’s Council and Chapter Affairs Department of changes in the council officers or committee chairs and their addresses; and
maintains and stores all council records. (The Council and Chapter Affairs Department can archive important legal documents.)


Immediate Past President

The immediate past president should be an active officer of the council, subject to the needs of the president for counsel and advice, and shall serve on such committees as the president might request.


Auxiliary Liaison

function as a point of contact for surviving spouse issues with chapter counterparts;
coordinate directly with national MOAA’s Auxiliary Member Advisory Committee (AMAC); and
provide information for dealing with questions or problems concerning surviving-spouse issues, to include legislation and benefits information.


Standing Committees

The president is the appointing official of standing committees and serves as an ex-officio member of all committees. In appointing committees, the president should explain clearly the goals and duties of each committee. Here are some common committees and their suggested duties.


Finance Committee
The committee, chaired by the council treasurer, is responsible for inaugurating financial management procedures to keep the council on sound fiscal footing. A finance committee should:
recommend to the council new or revised financial policies, when appropriate;
recommend to the council, for approval at the fourth quarterly meeting, a budget for the next calendar year;
recommend to the council, when appropriate, changes to the approved budget; and
exercise general oversight of the council’s financial affairs and make such reports or recommendations as appropriate.


Legislative Committee

A major objective of a council of chapters should be to focus on legislative matters affecting the rights and interests of service retirees and active duty military personnel in the state.
A legislative committee should comprise individuals who have a keen interest in the legislative process at the national and state levels. The committee has a key role in planning and coordinating the council’s legislative affairs. The committee may be subdivided into a national affairs subcommittee and a state legislative affairs subcommittee, as the situation dictates. A legislative committee should:

monitor state and national legislative developments that might affect service retirees;
inform the council and member chapters of legislative developments of interest to the membership;
recommend a council legislative plan for the next calendar year and coordinate that plan to ensure timely integration of chapter grassroots efforts;
select an e-mail activist to receive weekly legislative reports or other legislative alerts from national MOAA and mobilize grassroots efforts, as necessary;
execute lobbying-related tasks as directed by the council;
develop a council legislative alert procedure capable of responding to requests from national MOAA for assistance and of meeting emergency needs in the state; and
provide representation to statewide coordinating councils of military-oriented organizations whose goals are compatible with the council’s goals.


Personal Affairs Officer

This position will function as a point of contact regarding chapter counterparts;
coordinate directly with MOAA’s Benefits Information and Financial Education Department;
be a source of solutions to questions or problems about issues such as military rights and privileges, survivor benefits and entitlements, etcetera; and
attend the Personal Affairs Workshop held in conjunction with the national association’s Chapter Presidents’ Symposium.





Air Force Army Marine Corps Navy
O-1 Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Ensign
2d LT 2LT 2ndLt ENS
O-2 First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Lieutenant Jr Grade
1st Lt 1LT 1stLt LTJG
O-3 Captain Captain Captain Lieutenant
Capt CPT Capt LT
O-4 Major Major Major Lieutenant Commander
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Commander
Lt Col LTC LtCol CDR
O-6 Colonel Colonel Colonel Captain
O-7 Brigadier General Brigadier General Brigadier General Rear Admiral
* * * Lower Grade
Brig Gen BG BGen RDML
O-8 Major General Major General Major General Rear Admiral
** ** ** Upper Grade
Maj Gen MG MajGen RADM
O-9 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Vice Admiral
*** *** ***
Lt Gen LTG Lt Gen VADM
O-10 General General General Admiral
**** **** ****
O-11 General of the AF General of the Army Fleet Admiral of the Navy
***** ***** *****